How To Upgrade Your Old Garage Door Without Replacing It!

Replacing your garage door adds a lot of value to your home. But sometimes, financially, a whole new door just isn’t in the cards. There are a lot of ways to update your existing door without breaking the bank. Homeowners can add value to their homes and a fresh new look. Along with a litany of great garage opener features for added comfort and safety.

Garage Door Rebuild

If your door isn’t working correctly, you don’t need to replace it entirely. Homeowners can purchase a garage door rebuild that will replace all of their existing door parts with new ones. Replacing your door’s parts will make your door work better than new. A proper functioning door is not only safer, but adds a great deal of convenience to your life. If you’re looking to sell, a proper functioning garage door is absolutely necessary.


garage door paint upgradePaint & Design

If your door is working fine, but looks like it needs a face lift, there are a few items you could do in just a weekend to give your door and home a completely new look. First and foremost is to paint your garage door. Just like your car, a fresh new paint job will cover all the scratches and imperfections from years of use. After a fresh coat of paint, look into adding a decorative hardware package. With a few screws, homeowners can create a dynamic looking garage door, drastically changing the curb appeal of their home.


Automatic Garage Openers

A great way to update your old garage door is with a new automatic opener. Consider adding a wifi enabled smart opener to your door. This style of garage opener can alert you, through an app on your phone, when your door is open while you are away. This opener also allows you to open or close your garage door from your phone. In addition, consumers can connect their openers to the lighting and thermostat in their home, giving them complete control over their home through one application.

In one weekend, for less than half the cost of an entire new system, homeowners can completely modernize and update their old, existing doors. If you’re interested in updating your current garage doors, and saving money in the process, call us today for a free quote!