We use garage doors nearly every single day, and we rarely ever think about them. We just hit a button to bring the door up. Hit the button again, the door goes down. We never consider what goes into making this large door move. A garage door is comprised of a lot of moving parts. If it is not maintained properly, your garage door can be incredibly dangerous.

Depending on the age of your garage door, you should be paying attention to different parts of your door to ensure it is operating in top condition. If your garage door fails during operation, it could damage your car. Worse yet, a failing garage door could injure you or a loved one.

Here’s some tips on what to watch for with your garage door.  garage door safety tips

-Struggling Motor. If your garage door is connected to an automatic opener, pay attention to how the motor is acting. If it is struggling, or moving slowly, to lift your garage door, that means you could have a problem with your springs or counterbalance system. You should get that inspected right away! A failure with your springs means your door could come crashing down, destroying anything it hits!

-Loud, Screeching Noise. If you tend to hear a screeching noise during operation, it could mean a few things. None of them are good. Most likely, your garage door rollers are broken and need to be replaced. When garage door rollers fail, they stop rolling correctly and drag through your metal tracks, causing a loud screech. Get your garage door rollers inspected, and if needed changed, immediately. If a garage door roller breaks, your panel could come down on top of you or your car!

-Door Shaking. Your garage door should operate smoothly and quietly. If your door is shaking, or coming up crooked, it could mean your pulleys or bearings are failing, among other things. Have a professional technician inspect your door to make sure your moving parts are all moving! When pulleys and bearings cease working, they cause all kinds of damage to your garage door system.


As a Homeowner, you should always pay attention to how your garage door operates. Your garage door is the largest moving piece of our home, and your biggest influence of curb appeal. You want to make sure it stays in top shape. We recommend having a professional technician inspect and maintenance your door at least once a year!