Access to a garage

You didn’t think garage doors were just for garages did you? The versatility of this type of door makes it ideal for applications inside your home, as well. Living in a warm climate means you can take advantage of a non-traditionally placed garage door to open up your home to a great view, fresh air, and cooling breezes. By choosing glass panels instead of aluminum, steel, or wood, you’ll get the benefit of a large window wall that has the ability to open to the outside environment any time you wish.

It’s easiest to install interior residential garage doors during new construction, but with the help of a construction engineer, you can revamp your existing home for a garage door. If you love an open floor plan with lots of light and also want a direct connection to the outdoors, a garage door or two is often more functional and more aesthetically pleasing than French doors or standard sliding glass doors.

Choosing a Style

You have as many options with interior garage doors as you do with exterior types. The difference is that you will most likely choose doors with clear or translucent glass panels as opposed to aluminum, steel, or wood. Glass and metal always impart a clean and modern aesthetic that can enhance any style of interior decorating while letting in light and a view. The harder choice will probably be in deciding on whether you want a single panel door that lifts up-and-over (where you have room to accommodate the swing) or straight up (for double-height ceilings), a swinging door, or a sectional door. The amount of space you have for the door will help you determine which opening method is best.

Consider the Weather

Non-insulated garage doors let in heat and cold, so you’ll need to be ready to pay extra to get adequate insulation for interior garage doors. If you live in an area prone to violent storms or hurricanes, this should also be a consideration. Install interior garage doors on walls facing away from incoming weather or install a sliding shutter that can protect doors during inclement heavy winds and rains.

Maintenance and Repair

Interior garage doors undergo the same types of maintenance and repair as exterior garage doors. Always select the most durable and long-lasting parts. The extra money you spend on quality parts will pay off in extended lifespan of the door and more consistent ease of use.

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