Tis the season for…. Garage door decorations? Yes! Your garage door is the biggest, boldest part of your home. If you’re not decorating it for the Christmas season, you’re missing out! So if you’re in the midst of doing your best Clark Griswold impersonation this year, check out some of the ways you can decorate your garage door below!

For the cost of your lunch today, you can head over to collectionsetc.com and pick out some great garage door decorations for Christmas! These are garage door magnets that allow you a lot of flexibility with where you place your décor on your door. Furthermore, the great part about magnets is they are quick and easy to set up and take down!

garage door decorationsIf you’re more of a go big or go home type of person, the folks over at mydoordecor.com have an excellent selection of garage door decorations that will make your home stand out! There’s no tape or screws used and two people can put one up in under 10 minutes! They even have matching front door decorations to really add that extra pop to your set up! In addition, the best part is you can order decorations for Halloween, July 4th and other holidays too!

Another easy way to handle garage door decorations are projectors! Holiday projectors are very popular right now. They stake into your yard and project a variety of images onto your house or garage door. Some of them move or change colors. While others are just fixed images. Whichever you choose, they can spruce up your garage in a few minutes!

Of course, there are always the classics! Garage door decorations have been around forever, and we couldn’t go without bringing up the wreaths and bows! Simple, classic, and easy to install! Additionally, they’re easy to find just about anywhere. So if you’re looking to keep your decorations more on the simple side, they’re perfect!

Whatever garage door decorations work best for you, just remember to make sure you include your garage door this holiday!