In honor of June being Garage Door Safety Month, here are the top 5 tips to make sure your garage door is safe!

  • Safety Sensors! Since 1993 all garage door operators installed MUST have garage door safety sensors on them and comply with UL325 guidelines! Check your garage door operator today to make sure garage door safety sensorsit is compliant with current regulations. Safety sensors are designed to prevent our garage door from coming down if something is blocking the safety beam. This is a great feature to ensure your garage door does not come down on any children, vehicles or pets. And this is the #1 safety feature you should make sure your garage door has.
  • Force Settings! Your garage door is the biggest, heaviest piece of moving equipment in your home. Your garage door opener must exert a certain amount of force to move your garage door. New garage door openers use a digital learn setting. This means the garage door opener will determine the minimum force needed to move your garage door up and down. Older garage door openers have a turn dial on the back of the unit that can be adjusted by a screwdriver. Your opener should exert enough force to move your door, and still be sensitive enough to reverse itself should it hit something. To test this feature, place a 2×4 on the floor and push your garage door remote. When your garage door hits the board, it should automatically reverse itself. If not, you have a major safety issue! Get this safety feature fixed right away!
  • Garage Door Locks! One feature you can employ to help make sure you are up to date on your garage door safety is to use a garage door lock. For those of us without a garage door opener, we want to make sure we are secure from criminals looking for an easy entrance. The two most common style of locks are the keyed handle lock and the inside slick lock. The keyed handle lock is a traditional style lock with keys that can be opened from the inside or outside of your garage. The inside slide lock is a sliding bar mechanism that can only be released from inside your garage. Both are excellent at keeping your family safe!
  • Garage Lighting! Most garages come equipped with poor lighting. The best safety upgrade you can provide your family is to change your garage lighting to a brighter LED bulb. Your garage should have multiple lights to ensure the entire area is well lit. Your garage door opener should also have a bright LED bulb like this Genie model to ensure when someone comes home, they are coming into a well lit secure garage.LiftMaster MyQ Adapter
  • MyQ SmartPhone App! One of the best safety features you can upgrade your garage door opener to is the MyQ Smartphone App! Every year thousands of homes are burglarized due to garage doors being left open by accident. With the MyQ Smartphone App, you’ll be notified if your garage door is open and can close it with the click of a button from anywhere in the world. This is a great benefit for anyone that travels often, has children at home alone, or is just plain old forgetful.

As always, you can contact a professional service technician to inspect your garage door and opener to make sure everything is running safely.