Garage Door Safety With Children

Most of us have had a fully functioning garage door our whole lives so we are oblivious to the safety concerns when it comes to children! As with anything else involving kids, it only takes a split second for a situation to turn bad. We hope some of the tips and advice we provide below help families keep their children safe when they’re out in their garage.

Check Sensors.  Any garage door opener manufactured after 1993 in the United States is required by Federal Law to have safety sensors. If you have a garage door opener with sensors, your sensors should be checked periodically to ensure they are in good working shape. They should be clear from obstruction, clean from dirt and cobwebs, and no higher than 6” from the ground. In order to be sure your garage door sensors are working, place a box or other item in front of the sensor and press your remote to close your garage door. Your garage door opener should attempt to close but immediately reverse. Most garage door openers have light bulbs that will blink to let you know there is something in the way of the sensors. If your sensors are not working, or if you have an older garage door opener without sensors, please call a professional technician right away to have this issue addressed!

Check Auto Reverse. All garage door openers should have an auto reverse safety feature. This means when your garage door hits an item, it will feel the pressure of the item, and automatically reverse back to fully open. In order to check this on your door, place a board under your garage door’s path of travel. Close your garage door with your remote. When the door hits the board, it should automatically reverse. If it does not, you should call a garage door company to have this checked right away. This means if your door comes down and hits a person, it will continue to travel down instead of reversing. This is a major safety concern.

-Under no circumstances should children be allowed to play under the travel path of a garage door. Often times kids like to run in and out of the garage opening and play right where the door would travel. If a garage door opener fails and the child is in the garage doors travel path, the child could be seriously injured by a falling door. We always advise our customers to make sure their children steer clear of garage doors while playing.

-One of the most proactive ways to ensure your children are safe around your garage door is to have a professional garage door technician come to your home and inspect your garage door system every year. A full inspection of cables, springs, & the garage door opener is the best way to spot existing or potential safety concerns.

These are a few tips you, as a homeowner, can do to ensure any children at your home are safe from the dangers of a moving garage door. Your garage door is the largest moving item in your house and weighs hundreds of pounds, you should always be sure it’s in top working condition!