burglar-front-house-darkYour garage door is the biggest opening to your home. It’s also the biggest target to intruders. Breaking into your home through your garage entry may be easier than you suspect. Anyone looking to secure their home should start with their garage door. Here’s some tips to help you secure your garage door.
-Secure your emergency cord. It takes thieves as little as 6 seconds to disengage your automatic operator and get your garage door open. 6 SECONDS! You can easily combat this huge problem with a single zip tie! Watch this video to learn how to secure your door! Don’t fall victim when you could have prevented a break in for under a dollar!
-Take your garage door remote out of your car!! How many of you right now have a remote on your visor? The only thing a thief has to do to gain access to your house is break into your car. The worst part is they can do it from anywhere.
Let’s look at an example. You go out of town for 2 days so you park your car at the airport while you’re gone. Someone breaks into your car, and they take your garage door remote and look in your glove box and find your registration. Now they have your address, they have a remote to get into your house, and they know you’re out of town.
It can just as easily happen in your front driveway. You forget to lock your car doors and the only thing they have to do is open the door and push a button. Up goes the garage and it’s easy access to your home. Worst part is, with a remote, they don’t look suspicious to anyone watching.
You can solve this problem very simply. Get rid of our car remotes, and get yourself a keychain remote. It stays attached to your keys so it goes with you instead of staying in your car. Problem solved!
-Keypads! Almost everyone has an external keypad now! You type your code in, the door opens. You never have to worry about being locked out, you don’t have to worry about lost remotes, they’re great. The only problem is the code you’re using! Your code should be something unique and should be changed often enough it can’t be guessed! Never, ever use your street address, birthday, or last four digits of your phone number! These are always a criminal’s first guesses! We also recommend changing your code every 6 months to a year!
-Make sure your door is closed! Seems simple enough, but we’ve seen it time and time again. Someone presses the button to close the door, then they walk right in the house without making sure the door is shut closed. You should always watch your door close and ensure it is secure. This way there’s no chance of someone sneaking in while it is closing. You’ll also know if there is a mechanical failure that prevents it from closing. We’ve seen many many times where a door closes and then reverses by itself. Now your door is wide open and you’re inside without a clue. That’s a big welcome sign for anyone looking to gain some free valuables!
-Cover your windows! If you have windows in your garage door then tint them, cover them, or frost them. Make it harder for thieves to see what you have! If someone can see in the windows of your garage door, they’re more likely to steal from you. Especially considering how many garages are now equipped with tv’s, radios, and tools.
Don’t fall victim to a criminal over something so easily prevented. Garage Door Security is one of the easiest steps you can take to protect your family and your belongings. Secure your garage door now, before it’s too late!