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"My husband and I wish to complement the excellence of Rudy"

My husband and I wish to complement the excellence of Rudy. He installed, by himself, a double garage door in our house on Thursday Jan 10th, 2013. The installation was a big job which Rudy handled with professional skill, patience and perseverance. You should know that he not only did a commendable job, but he went the extra mile to complete the job in spite of several obstacles. He was always positive and attentive to the tasks at hand, and displayed a very positive and focused attitude. All we can say is that he is truly a remarkable employee for your company. We would like him to know that we wrote this commendation for it would be a positive effect not only for him but for your company. We thank you kindly for your attention to this matter. This commendation should make you pleased with your company and your employee.

Jacqueline and Tom Zmurko

We install and repair these quality garage doors.
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