Garage Door Screen Service and Installation

Keep the bugs out!

Automatic-Garage-Door-ScreenThere are no bugs allowed when Discount Garage Doors installs garage screens for our customers. Garage door screens are separate from garage doors, allowing residents to keep their garage doors open and still keep out bugs and unwanted guests. Garage door screens provide Florida residents a bug and pest-free zone in their garage for kids to play, adults to relax, or provide pets a breezy spot to enjoy a nice day. With our solar screen upgrades, garage door screens can also add a degree of privacy to an open garage by obscuring the view into the garage while allowing unobstructed views out.

Discount Garage Doors offers two types of garage screens:


  • Automatic Roll-up Garage Door Screens
  • Conventional Manual Sliding Screens



Our garage screens are available in a variety of sizes and colors. We can help you turn that unused and cluttered garage into a private, bug-free spot to entertain guests, keep house pets cool and protected, or to get the kids out of the house. Call today for a free quote and get started using that garage for more than just storage!


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I’d like to personally thank you for your prompt and professional service on February 8th. Brian is a very good representative for your company. He’s hard working. professional and caring. It is frustrating to have your car locked in your garage – unable to go anywhere. Even though I was a customer – previous – home – on a long day for him, he was able to solve the situation. My garage door mechanism was laying on the roof of my van!!

Thanks to you and to Brian!

~ E. Hamrick

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