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Commercial Garage Door, Automatic Gate, and Counter Shutter/Fire Door Repair, Installation & Maintenance Services

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Commercial Garage Door, Automatic Gate and Counter Shutter Repair Services
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We Offer Free Estimates
Discount Garage Doors, Inc. is by far the leader in providing quality service to Central Florida. Our experienced crew is available seven days a week, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. to work around your schedule. Unlike many of our competitors, our technicians are local to provide quick response time in the event of emergencies.

DGD specializes in the following:

  • Broken Springs
  • Broken Cables
  • Worn Rollers
  • Doors Off Track/Crooked Doors
  • Doors Damaged by Vehicles
  • Hurricane Reinforcement Packages
  • Fabric-Shield Storm Protection
  • Noisy Doors
  • Lightning Damaged Operators
  • Rubber Bottom Seals and Retainers
  • Header Seals and Brushes for Roll-Up Doors
  • FDA Approved Door Seals for Sensitive Areas
  • Counter Shutter Repair
  • Fire Shutter Repair
  • Fire Door Repair
  • Replacement or new Door Lock Assemblies
  • Panel Repair and or Replacement
  • New Transmitters
  • Employee Access Solutions
  • Service of All Automatic Door and Gate Operators
  • Keyless Entry Systems
  • New Door Installations
  • New Counter Shutter Installation
  • New Fire Door and Shutter Installation
  • New Automatic Door Operator Installation
  • New Gate Openers Installed
  • Manual Chain Hoist Repair or Installation (Sectional and Roll-up)
  • Motorized Roll-Up Screens Installed
  • Dock Levelers
  • Dock Bumpers
  • Maintenance and Service Contracts (Discounted Rates Provided)


Discount Garage Doors provides service to many City, County, State and Federal facilities statewide. We have provided emergency service to vital locations like Federal Courts and Jails for over 10 years. However, we don’t think that’s any more important than the average local business owner who just wants to get his door closed so he can go home. No job is too big or too small and every single customer is important to us. We have the tools, training and people to be the one and only number you need to call for commercial service. Don’t wait for days on those other commercial door companies, call us and get that door fixed now.

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Repaired Double Garage Door that would not open due to a broken spring.
After reviewing Angie’s List, I decided to give DGD a call. My double garage door would not open. It has two springs and one of them had broken in half. I expected about a $200 repair job but that was much less than what I paid. I called into the office late Friday evening and spoke with a friendly and professional lady who to my surprise was able to schedule someone to come out the next morning on a Saturday to do the repair. The service tech came the next day at the scheduled time. He was very courteous as well. After reviewing the problem, he gave me three different estimates to choose from. He did not recommend changing only one spring, but would have. His explanation was that both springs were the same age, 8 years old, and since the first one broke then it would be safe to assume that the other may not last much longer. First estimate was about $350 to change both springs. The tech then showed me a wobbly and loose bearings on the right side where the cross bar attaches, which was the second estimate to also replace the bearings. About another $150. The third estimate was to then replace all of the moving parts on my door, including the 10 rollers. He said they would then offer a lifetime warranty on all of the parts being replaced, excluding labor. I went with the highest estimate which was more than I wanted to pay for a repair, but mechanical parts do wear out eventually and this seemed to make the most sense to me. My hope is that DGD remains successful and will be around if needed down the road. If they remain honest to their customers with quality work at a fair price then they should be fine. Once the work was completed, I was amazed at how much quieter my door was when opening and closing. There was very little noise coming from the door anymore, just the sound of the motor on the opener. I’m glad that I changed all of those parts after all. I have read a few bad reviews on DGD, mostly around pricing, but it was not my experience and would recommend them. They gave me the option to pay for what I wanted and was not pushy about it at all. If I planned to move in the next couple of months, I probably would have taken the lowest cost route. At this point, I believe DGD is a fair and reputable company.

~ N. Oneal

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