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Designer Garage DoorsFor 2010-2011, the editors at Remodeling Magazine released a report on remodel projects and the expected return on investment (ROI). In the report, garage door replacement projects ranked high, recouping up to 83 percent of the cost of a new garage door. The editors attributed this high rate of return to the fact that garage door replacements are among the least expensive of home improvement projects and that they instantly improve curb appeal. Many homeowners in Florida overlook the garage door as an opportunity to significantly enhance the beauty of their home, instead choosing to spend thousands of dollars of landscaping and pavers. While the driveway may look beautiful, it still leads to a plain, run of the mill steel garage door, just like every other house on the block.

contemporary-garage-doorsWe offer a wide variety of garage door styles, from wood to fiberglass faux wood, carriage house styles, traditional garage doors and contemporary full view garage doors. Each style offers a unique look and many customizable design options, which virtually guarantees that Discount Garage Doors can satisfy whatever the artistic or architectural demands are. Make your Florida home truly stand out with a designer garage door installation from Discount Garage Doors.


Improving Your Home’s Efficiency

insulated-garage-doorWhen it comes to energy efficiency, the garage door is often the most overlooked opportunity for saving. Insulating the largest opening in the home should be the first place you start. For homeowners living in particularly cold or hot climates, there is no doubt that an insulated garage door can help regulate the garage’s temperature. If your home shares a wall with your garage, then you have even more reason to want to keep your garage’s temperature well regulated.


There are other less obvious reasons that garage insulation might be a smart idea. In terms of resale value, an insulated garage that has quality and usable work, play or living space will add resale value to your home. Prospective buyers will appreciate this additional touch. Insulated garage doors make it possible to use your garage year round, whether its hot or cold.


Protecting your Home

hurricane-garage-doorDid you know that over 80% of hurricane damage to homes starts with wind entry through garage doors? Your garage door can be the largest and weakest opening in your home. FEMA recommends that your door be evaluated by a professional garage door specialist for its ability to withstand these storms (FEMA 2011). FEMA also reports that residents with properly protected homes and businesses escape with little or no damage and are usually able to return to their homes almost immediately after the storm. Meanwhile, even after two months, many of their neighbor’s unprotected homes remained condemned.


Large Missile Impact Rated Garage Doors

Standard Hurricane Garage DoorsWe all want the best options when it comes to the safety of our families, so in addition to our standard hurricane garage doors, Discount Garage Doors offers large missile impact rated garage doors as well. To qualify as large-missile resistant door, the garage door must be subjected to an approved lab test for air and water leakage. The doors are first subjected to three large missile impacts and put through 9,000 cycles of positive and negative wind loads. This will demonstrate that it can withstand hurricane force winds and become large missile impact rated.



Adding a Personal Touch – Decorative Hardware

Don’t forget that the opportunity to enhance your home doesn’t end with the door type and color. Discount Garage Doors features a wide variety of decorative hardware that can be applied to just about any door on the market. Even existing garage doors can have decorative hardware installed in order to add beauty without breaking the budget.



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