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Why do I need regular service on my garage door and garage door opener?
Like any complicated machine, your garage door and opener require periodic inspections and maintenance. Timely inspections can identify parts before they fail and routine maintenance can prolong the useful life of many parts. A trained technician can identify areas of concern and make sure that your door continues to function reliably and predictably.

What could cause my remotes to stop working? 
The most obvious cause is the battery. If the battery is good then the problem may be much harder to diagnose. Misaligned or obstructed sensors may prevent the door from closing. Also, environmental radio interference may be disrupting the signal from your transmitters. Defective or damaged electronics may also cause remote control issues. A trained service technician can quickly identify the source of the problem.

My garage door closes part way then stops and goes back up. Once open, the lights on my opener begin flashing, what is wrong with my door? 
This indicates a potential failure of one or more of the safety features of your garage door opener. While inconvenient, it’s also dangerous. There are many reasons why your door may be behaving this way, so we recommend calling for a trained technician to perform a safety check and annual maintenance

My garage door opener motor runs but the garage door doesn’t move, what is wrong with my opener? 
You likely have a failure in the opener drive system. This usually occurs when the garage door hardware begins to wear out. Repairing or replacing the opener may not be enough to correct the issue, and if the underlying cause is not identified and corrected the new parts or opener will likely be damaged again.

I am having a problem with rain and debris getting into my garage when the door is closed. Can my door be adjusted to prevent this?
Chances are your door has worn or missing seals and trim. These seals usually begin to wear out after 5 years in the Florida climate and by ten years no longer provide an effective barrier to rain and debris. Also, many older homes were built before vinyl trim became common. A trained technician can correct this problem without affecting the performance of your door or opener.

I don’t think my springs and track are bad; can I re-use my old track and springs with a new door? 
No, we cannot guarantee your old parts will be compatible with your new door and may cause unpredictable issues. Also, new doors in the state of Florida are required to comply with the building codes regarding Hurricane mitigation. Every new door is tested and approved by the state and new installs must conform to their approved drawings. Any deviation from the drawing will result in a red tag and a failed inspection. From a practical perspective, the door is not much cheaper without its accompanying hardware anyway.

Can I replace the garage door springs myself?
Garage door counter balance systems store large amounts of energy and can cause death, serious bodily harm or property damage if mishandled or installed improperly. While we do not recommend that an untrained individual attempt this repair, we do offer our springs at a delivered price. However, to limit our risk, we require that all our customers purchasing springs for delivery sign a waiver of liability. We will ensure that you have the correct springs but our technical support ends there. Due to liability issues, no further instructions are available.

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