Who says the garage HAS to be a Man-Cave? Ladies it’s time to take back the garage. Throw out the Ford and Chevy parking signs, toss the beer lights in the garbage, and tell your husband you’re taking over! A woman cave can be filled with anything you want. There are many ways to make a woman cave into an area you’ll want to spend your nights and weekends. Check out a few tips below and get started this weekend!


Yoga Studio/ Gymwoman cave

Most people just don’t have time to get to the gym, and working out in the living room at home is a major pain. There’s never enough room and everyone in the house is in the way. Convert your garage into your own personal gym. Whether you’re into yoga, weights, or workout videos, the garage provides the space needed to maximize your workouts! Line the walls with floor to ceiling mirrors and lay down a wood laminate flooring to recreate that gym/studio feeling at home. Add a few small pieces of equipment and a television for at home videos and voila, you have your own gym right there at home. Privacy and convenience!

R&R Hideaway

What helps you rest and relax at night? Reading a book? Watching a movie? Working on your own novel? Whatever it is that makes you happy, you can make a room for it in your garage!  If you’re a movie buff, a home theater is the perfect transformation of your garage. Some nice big plush seating and a projector screen quickly convert a garage into a movie lover’s paradise. Don’t forget the popcorn machine!

Book Lover? Line your walls with shelves, put in an electric fireplace and a big chaise lounge, and make an impressive library all to yourself! If you like to write, turn your garage into a writer’s dream by putting up memorability of people that inspire you. Stop by a local antique store for an old typewriter to motivate you. Whatever it is that relaxes you, the garage is the room to transform for it!

woman cave craft roomCraft Room

Whether you’re an aspiring artist or just like doing projects for fun, a huge creative space to organize your supplies is what you need. Paint the walls bright bold colors to inspire your creative genes. Line the walls with storage for all of your supplies and install a nice sound system to keep the creative juices flowing. Use your garage floor as your first canvas!


Whatever it is that brings you happiness in life, you can transform your garage into a Woman-Cave of your own.