How to secure your garage door before vacation


As we come up on the holiday season this year, many people are making plans to go out of town. Before you leave for your vacation, we recommend following these tips to secure your garage door and ensure you return to your home the way you left it!

Disable Your Garage Door Opener. One of the easiest, and best, ways to ensure nobody can gain access to your home through your garage is to disable your garage door opener. It’s simple, right before you leave for vacation, make sure your garage door is down, and unplug your garage door opener. This will prevent your garage door opener from opening your garage door for any reason.

Inside Slide Locks. For a minimal expense, you can purchase locks for the inside of your garage door that have a single bar that slides into your track. This prevents your door from being able to be opened at all. We recommend placing a slide lock on both sides of your garage door AND unplugging your opener. This will make your garage door completely impossible to open.

-If you have windows and keep valuables inside your garage, or have a car that will be left in your garage while you’re gone, cover your windows. There are a variety of items you can use to cover secure your garage dooryour garage door windows. However you choose to do it, it’s better that nobody knows what you’ve left behind.

-Turn your garage door opener into a smart opener! In the age of smart homes, there’s no better safety feature than to convert your opener into a smart opener by either replacing it with a WiFi garage door opener or adding a WiFi hub to your existing opener. This will allow you to be notified via a smartphone app if your garage door is open. You will also be able to close it from anywhere in the world.


However you choose to secure your garage door, we recommend making sure you do everything you can to ensure criminals can’t access your home through the largest opening in your house. Give us a call for a free estimate on what we can do to help you secure your home today!