Halloween Garage Door Decorations


With Halloween coming up, we wanted to share some great ways to decorate your garage door for this fun holiday!

halloween garage door decoration ideas

Garage Door Covers

-Garage Door Covers. These covers are made to fit over your entire garage door, like a giant sheet. They have a huge variety of scenes for Halloween! They’re super easy to install and since your garage door is the largest opening of your home, they really make your house stand out! Prices range from $100 all the way to $300. Just make sure you do not open your garage door with a cover on it! You could not only destroy your new decoration, but also cause a major failure of your garage door system.



halloween garage door decoration ideas

Halloween Garage Door Scene

-Big Halloween Scenes. A lot of people use the giant canvas of their garage door to create a big Halloween scene to attract attention! Some people use black decorations, large spiders, lights and many other props to decorate their garage door! This is a fun, do it yourself way to make your home stand out. And since most of these scenes are self made, you don’t have to worry about someone else having the same décor!



-Halloween Movies! A new trend we’ve seen recently is simple, basic, and effective! A lot of homeowners have begun covering their garage door with a white sheet and using a movie projector to show Halloween movies on their garage door! That’s a neat idea on Halloween to attract trick or treaters. Just make sure the movie is kid friendly!


If you have some other neat Halloween décor ideas we’d love to hear them!