Styles of Garage Door Seal

-Bottom Seal

The first place any homeowner should start when it comes to making sure your garage door is sealed from the elements is to inspect and replace your garage door rubber seal. Rubber seal on your garage door is designed to be easily replaced. However, there are multiple designs for this garage door rubber seal that can be tricky to replace. Some styles are no longer available for purchase and will require the metal track that the garage door seal slides into to also be replaced. garage door seal

Anybody can purchase this garage door rubber seal from a big box retailer. However, if you’re looking to truly seal your garage door, we recommend to call a professional out. Garage Door companies carry a much stronger, larger garage door rubber seal that will not only last longer, but perform much better.

garage door trim


-Garage Door Vinyl Trim

If your garage door rubber seal is fine, but you’re still getting water into your garage, check along the sides and top of your garage door for a vinyl trim. Only about half of all homes have the proper garage door vinyl trim installed on their garage doors. This vinyl trim is necessary for sealing your garage doors properly to prevent rain and wind from entering your garage. Garage Door vinyl trim is an inexpensive and efficient way to ensure your garage is safe from all of the elements.



-Garage Door Storm Shield

One additional product to help seal your garage door is called storm shield. Most homeowners are not aware there is even a product called garage door storm shield out there. This is a garage door vinyl trimrubber threshold that is glued to your garage floor underneath of your garage door. When your garage door closes, it sits on top of the garage door storm shield. This provides an extra level of protection from rain water entering under your garage door. This item is also extremely helpful for those homes with uneven flooring to help your garage door seal correctly. This rubber threshold is much more secure than the traditional metal threshold.

If you’re tired of your garage being flooded every time it rains, give us a call for a free evaluation of your garage door seal. Let one of our master technicians go over all of your options with you.