Do you know what’s better than having a car in your garage? Having a pinball machine in your garage. Maybe a massive TV. Or whatever else you love that can’t seem to find a home in your home.

Not everyone needs garage space for conventional uses like storage. If you want to turn that part of your house into something more creative, here’s one of the more overlooked garage ideas: man caves.


Image attribution: Camera Eye Photography

What’s a man cave, you might wonder? It goes by many names – manland, mantuary, and manspace to name a few – but it’s based on one idea: it’s a place in a home where men can do as they please. And yes, that includes decoration.

If you’re looking to transform a drab garage into a manly paradise, here are six awesome garage ideas for making the perfect man cave.

Spacious tech haven

Just because it’s called a “cave” doesn’t mean it needs to be dark and cramped. Check out this bright, tech-friendly example.


Image attribution: yprime on flickr

Quirky decorations

Want to decorate with dinosaurs but your better half keeps insisting they don’t go with the living room décor? Put ‘em in the man cave.


Image attribution: Yasuhiko Ito on flickr

Climbing wall

Why just hang out in your garage when you can hang from your garage?


Image attribution: sheagunther on flickr

Beer-friendly and mellow

OK, maybe not everyone likes the idea of hanging from garage walls. If that’s not your thing, create a place where you can just hang out. Ideally over a beer or two.


Image attribution: the.anomalous on flickr

Workout space

Turn your garage into a workout area. Not only will you have a sanctuary from the world, but you’ll also get in great shape.


Image attribution: legdog on flickr

Outdoor entertainment area

If you bring in a projector, your garage can be a great place to host an outdoor movie night or play video games.


Image attribution: Mr.Thomas on flickr

When it comes to garage ideas for man caves, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Do you know anyone who has a brag-worthy man cave for a garage? Let us know in the comments.