Every industry goes through it’s trends. Garage doors are no different. Every year there is the newest, biggest, best thing that people absolutely must have. There are two trends currently in the garage door industry that stand out above all others. Full view glass garage doors and smart garage door openers. As popular as these two items are, there are still a lot of people out there that do not know what they are. We hope to shed some light onto these top two garage door trends for those people!


Full View Glass Garage Doors

This garage door is exactly what it sounds like. The garage door panels are framed glass allowing full view of the homeowner’s garage, if they so wish. The glass on this style of garage door is also available tinted, mirrored, or obscured. This lets homeowners have a modern, glass look on their garage door, while still maintaining their privacy. For those people with modern style homes, or a garage they would like to show off, this style of garage door is a very popular design.

There is no garage door that will completely transform the entire look of your home quite like a full view glass garage door. The most popular style of this garage door is the Avante Series by Clopay. You can check out their website for a ton of information about this product. Their imagination system will even allow you to upload a picture of your house to see what your home would like with this garage door!


Smart Garage Door Openers

This style garage door opener is connected to your home’s WiFi and allows homeowners to monitor and operate their garage doors right from their smartphone, anywhere in the world! Smart smart garage door openergarage door openers give homeowners an extra level of security to their home not previously available. You can set alerts on your phone to receive a message every time your garage door is operated. Homeowners can set a certain time for their garage door to close to ensure they never forget to close it before retiring to bed. Parents find this garage door opener especially helpful to make sure their kids are getting home after school okay. And if they lose their key, you can open the door for them from your job! The benefits of a smart garage door opener are endless.

There are many different brands and models of this style garage door opener. We always recommend the DGD852! This is a Linear based garage door opener with the best features on the market! You can read up on details here. And give us a call for a free estimate, 7 days a week!