Is your garage door off track? Did you come home to a crooked garage door today? Check out the top reasons why your garage door is crooked below!

-It was hit by a car! The number 1 reason why a garage door is off track is because someone bumped it with a car. Sometimes the truck hood is left up while the garage door was coming down. Sometimes the car bumper isn’t fully inside the garage when the garage door comes down. But the biggest reason for a crooked garage door is that someone attempted to back out or come inside, and the garage door was not completely open yet.  crooked garage door

-Playing off of #1, the next most common reason for a crooked garage door is that something was in the way while the garage door came down. Are you storing a bunch of items in the corners of your garage by the track? For most people this is a great spot for brooms and gardening equipment such as rakes. But unfortunately these items can easily fall into the path of a garage door. When the garage door comes down, it hits one of these items, causing an uneven amount of pressure on the garage door cables. When this happens, one of the cables falls off, and boom, crooked garage door!

-So you have a crooked garage door but you didn’t hit it with your car and there’s nothing in the way that it could have come down on. What now? Look at your garage door rollers. Are any of them broken or worn? One of the most common items on your garage door to wear down are the garage door rollers. Most new garage doors are installed with the cheapest rollers the manufacturer can get away with. Often completely made of plastic, or a metal roller with a cheap bearing that drags more than it rolls. A broken roller can cause the garage door to jam and throw a cable off of one side. Likewise, if the rollers are not broken, but dragging abnormally, they can cause an unnecessary amount of friction and force, causing the garage door cables to fall off.

-The other common problem we see for a crooked garage door are broken garage door cables. Your garage door has a set of lift cables attached on both sides to bring the garage door up. When one of these cables breaks, it will cause your garage door to come down unevenly, thus making your garage door crooked. Garage door cables can break due to being poor quality, lack of maintenance, or storing corrosive chemicals inside your garage for an extended amount of time.

If you have a crooked garage door and aren’t sure why, give a licensed professional a call today.