Christmas Garage Door Decorations

Yes it’s that time again! Christmas movies & cookies, family gatherings, presents and… DECORATIONS! If you’re getting your decorating game plan together, be sure to include your garage door this year! Here’s a few tips to get you started!

-Magnets! Simple & easy to set up! You can buy Christmas decoration magnets for your garage door as cheap as $15! That could possibly be the biggest bang for your buck! Decorate your door and use an in ground spot light to show off your garage door at night! It’s the biggest opening to your home so everyone will see it! Again, it’s simple, cheap, and sets up fast!

-Traditional Wreaths. The wreath is one of the most used decorations for Christmas. Your garage door provides you with a great canvas for wreaths. Some people like to buy the biggest wreath they can find and put them on the garage door, while others prefer to place wreaths on both sides of their door! You can even combine wreaths on the sides with magnets on the door!

-Projectors! This was a hot trend last year with Christmas decorations! They’re relatively cheap and easy to install. Projectors bring your Christmas décor to life! Set them up to project images or sayings onto your garage door to attract the attention of passersby.

-Covers! What better way to make your garage door the center of Christmas décor attention than covering the entire door with a Christmas cover!? Easy to install and immediately makes your home standout with Christmas spirit! Just be sure not to use your garage door while it’s covered up!

However you choose to decorate your home, DGD hopes you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!