Choosing the right garage door screen

Adding a garage door screen to your home is one of the top home upgrades a homeowner can purchase. This added luxury to your home not only increases your homes resale value, but it also increases your homes functionality as well. With a garage door screen, a homeowner can turn their garage from an unused space to a pest free entertainment area. In addition to having extra space to mingle with friends and family, a garage door screen can aid in helping your home’s climate control. There is no better breeze that being able to leave your garage door open and allow some fresh air into your home without the worry of letting the bugs in.

So which garage door screen is right for you? We hope to help clarify that with some tips and advice on each different style below.


Manual Sliding Garage Door Screen manual Garage Door Screen

This is the most traditional style of garage door screen on the market. They traditionally come in 4 panels that are manually slid from one side to the other. This is a great addition to any home! It will instantly transform your garage into a cooler area to spend your time. As an added bonus, this style garage door screen is the most inexpensive.


LifeStyle Garage Door Screen lifestyle garage door screen

This style garage door screen is the newest style to the market. This garage door screen is one piece and sits on it’s own garage door style track. It’s lightweight frame makes it easy for anyone to slide this door up and down. Once the lifestyle garage door screen is down, it has a sliding walk through door for easy access in and out of the garage. Homeowners love lifestyle garage door screens because it allows them to come and go without having to raise the entire screen up or down.


Motorized Garage Door Screen motorized garage door screen

This garage door screen is the most luxurious style of screen in the industry. Motorized garage door screens slide up and down two tracks on either side of the garage opening and roll up into a metal tube. The metal tube conceals the screen while it is not being used. This is style of garage door screen provides the cleanest look when the screen is down. Motorized garage door screens can be mounted one of two ways. The tube can either be mounted inside of the garage door opening, or above the outside opening to allow for more vehicle headroom. Either way you choose, adding a motorized garage door screen expands your outside area while maintaining the curb appeal of your home.


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