LiftMaster-Elite-Series-Belt-Drive-8550_382_268Choosing a new garage door opener can be trickier than consumers think. Most people only replace their openers every 10-15 years, so they’re not well-versed in the modern features and benefits between the different styles.

When choosing a new opener, you have 5 styles to choose from. Your 3 traditional style openers are chain, screw and belt driven. And the fourth style is the rail-less, side mounted LiftMaster Jackshaft. The newest style opener to add to our list are the Wi-Fi Enabled Garage Door Openers!


Chain driven openers are the most commonly used due to their price and reliability. They use a metal chain to push and pull a trolley that is attached to your door. Chain drive openers are very reliable and used in most new homes due to their inexpensive price tags. The biggest drawback to these openers is their noise factor. The metal chain moves along a steel rail, and during normal use of the garage door, these two metal pieces will rattle against one another causing a loud ‘clanging’ noise. These openers are better for detached garages than traditional homes.


Another popular opener are the screw drive openers. This type of opener uses a long steel ‘screw’ rod down the middle of a rail, and the motor spins the rod to move the trolley up and down, moving the garage door with it. This style opener was very popular, but has lost some of its steam due to having additional parts that break down easily. Screw drives are quieter than chain drives and more stable, however, they require the door to be in mint working condition or they will fail much faster than normal.


Belt driven openers are the top of the line in terms of traditional garage door openers. They use the same operating mechanism as a chain, but use a rubber belt as opposed to a metal chain. Because they use the same system, they offer the same stability and reliability as a chain driven operator, but at a MUCH quieter operation. Belt driven operators are praised for their quietness, and are perfect for anyone looking for a smooth, quiet experience every time.


Ever the innovator in the garage door opener industry, LiftMaster created a one of a kind opener called a Jackshaft. This opener mounts to the side of your garage door, opening and closing the door my spinning the torsion bar above your door that attaches to your springs. It is the quietest operator in the industry. Anyone with a room above their garage or looking to get rid of the overhead rails and wires that come with a traditional opener, should turn their attention to the Liftmaster 8500 Jackshaft.


The latest craze in home automation are new garage door openers that allow you to open, close and monitor your garage door from your smartphone! These operators connect to the wi-fi in your home and after a quick setup, you can use your phone like you would any garage door remote. The biggest difference is that you can operate your door from anywhere in the world! You no longer have to worry if you left the garage door up on your way to work. If your kids or UPS driver need to gain access to your home, you can simply use your phone to open the door for them and close the door behind them. These units will alert homeowners when their door is being used so they know if anything suspicious is happening while they’re away. They will also allow you to connect your garage door opener to Alexa, Google and a number other of home automation hubs.

We recommend calling a professional to install your garage door opener, as it is extremely crucial to ensure your install is done correctly and everything is in proper working condition before you begin use.