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19 12, 2018

What Is R-Value?

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If you’re shopping for a new garage door you have no doubt run into the term R Value. This refers to a garage doors insulation rating. But what is R Value exactly? R Value is the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R Value, [...]

26 11, 2018

Christmas Garage Door Decorations

By |2018-11-26T21:42:45+00:00November 26th, 2018|Doors, Style|0 Comments

Christmas Garage Door Decorations Yes it’s that time again! Christmas movies & cookies, family gatherings, presents and… DECORATIONS! If you’re getting your decorating game plan together, be sure to include your garage door this year! Here’s a few tips to get you started! -Magnets! Simple & easy to set up! [...]

9 10, 2018

Secure Your Garage Door

By |2018-10-09T15:12:33+00:00October 9th, 2018|Doors, Maintenance|0 Comments

How to secure your garage door before vacation   As we come up on the holiday season this year, many people are making plans to go out of town. Before you leave for your vacation, we recommend following these tips to secure your garage door and ensure you return to [...]

8 08, 2018

Garage Door Safety With Children

By |2018-08-08T14:56:45+00:00August 8th, 2018|Doors|0 Comments

Garage Door Safety With Children Most of us have had a fully functioning garage door our whole lives so we are oblivious to the safety concerns when it comes to children! As with anything else involving kids, it only takes a split second for a situation to turn bad. We [...]