Is your garage so cluttered that it’s impossible to find anything? Is it even difficult to park a vehicle in there?


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Managing piles of stuff stored in the garage is a common problem amongst homeowners, and for many, better use of one thing could save the day: the garage wall. Storage ideas that use this vertical space effectively work on two levels. They maximize space and they cut clutter.

Transform even the messiest garage into an immaculately organized space by mastering the art of garage wall storage. Here are six awesome ideas to get you going.

Metal buckets

Many homeowners store cleaning supplies in the garage, but all those bottles can get disorganized really quickly. Here’s a fun way to make use of vertical space: attach metal buckets to the wall, each with its own category.


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Ceiling storage

Have you used your garage walls to their maximum potential but find that you still need space? No problem. You can use your ceiling, too!


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This idea works best with lighter items. It could be dangerous if these boxes get too heavy, not to mention difficult to remove.

Unfolding worktable

The garage can be a great place to do messy projects, like painting. But it’s not practical for most folks to have a huge worktable in there all the time. Well, not a traditional work table, at least.

That’s where the folding table comes in handy. It opens into a spacious flat surface, perfect for all types of projects that won’t work well inside the home, but closes out of sight when you’re done.


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If you have kids (or even if you don’t), chances are you’re dealing with never-ending stream of clothes and shoes. Why not store some of that stuff in a locker within your garage?


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Flexible garage wall storage for sports balls

Keep basketballs, soccer balls, and more tucked away safely in this storage rack. Flexible cords make it easy to grab them sporting equipment and easy to put away.


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When you’re trying to make the most of vertical space, hooks are an inexpensive and effective tool for keeping things organized and out of the way.


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Turning your garage from cramped and disorganized into spacious and organized is less difficult than you may think. One of the most effective ways to get there is by incorporating garage wall storage ideas into your home. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of room for storage, and you’ll never spend hours hunting through a cluttered garage ever again.