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Is your Allstar MVP garage door opener not working properly?

Our service trucks carry a full line of Allstar MVP Garage Door Opener repair parts; however, the MVP garage door opener is one of the simplest and most reliable garage door openers available. In fact, this opener is so reliable that in most cases the problem lies elsewhere. Usually, the opener is actually working properly. Problems are generally encountered when the garage door itself quits working. Whether that’s due to a broken spring or worn rollers. Our technicians are specifically trained to diagnose and repair any issues that are keeping your opener from working properly. Thankfully usually done in only one service visit.

Does your garage door open when your neighbor uses their remote?

We see this issue quite often. Unfortunately, while the Allstar MVP garage door opener is quite reliable, it fails to take advantage of rolling code technology. Each remote uses one of 19,683 possible fixed codes. Romac has installed at least one of these Allstar garage door openers in virtually all of the 45,000 plus homes in The Villages. It’s very likely that neighbors would sometimes have at least one remote with the same codes, if the home averages 2 or more remotes. These issues are more common when neighborhood homes have more than one garage door.

DGD technicians are fully equipped with multiple solutions for frequency issues.

Do you need an Allstar MVP remote or keypad?

We carry Allstar remotes and keypads on all of our service trucks. A DGD tech can deliver and program them for you today! Or if you want to do it yourself, we will be happy to deliver them to you. Programming MVP garage door opener remotes must be done very carefully due to the sheer number of MVP products within range. It is very easy to accidentally add a neighbors remote to your opener if the programming process is not done carefully.

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