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garage door repair st. petersburgDiscount Garage Doors Inc. has been offering high quality garage door repair services in St. Petersburg longer than any other garage door company in the area. When we opened our doors, no other garage door company catered to the homeowner. Sure, there were many garage door companies. But they were either focused on the new construction market, or they were commercial door companies with large corporate accounts. Since our staff lived and worked in St. Petersburg, Discount Garage Doors recognized that the homeowners of St. Petersburg were being largely ignored by the existing garage door companies. So we decided to focus our business model entirely on you, the homeowner.

When we opened, the garage door companies that did serve residential customers, only did so when it was convenient. Additionally it was usually only as a means to sell more garage doors. At the time, most companies sent salesmen to repair jobs to give new door estimates. These salesmen would use the failure of the garage door to push homeowners into expensive replacement garage doors. If the customers resisted the offer, the salesmen would sell a minimal repair. A service tech would return days later to actually fix the door. This minimal repair would ensure future garage door failures. Eventually convincing the homeowner that a new door was the only way to restore reliability to their garage door system.

We knew that most garage door failures were the result of normal wear and tear. Also that these failures could be quickly repaired. We also knew that garage doors themselves are almost always fine, its the hardware that wears out. By replacing just the hardware, we were able to extend the life of the door at a fraction of the cost. Our St. Petersburg customers quickly came to appreciate our service and our company grew successful. Without our fellow St. Petersburg residents and their satisfaction with our company, we would have never become the company we are today.

scammerDiscount Garage Doors Inc is a state licensed contractor, bonded and insured in accordance with state law. We are one of the few state licensed garage door companies in Florida. So if you have a broken garage door and need it fixed today, make sure to call a company that is not only quick and affordable, but licensed and likely to be around tomorrow if something goes wrong.


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Liftmaster-garage-door-openers Garage Door Opener Repairs and Installation liftmaster-garage-door-remote Garage Door Remotes, Keypads and Accessories
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