How to Choose the Perfect New Garage Door
Ask any realtor, appraiser, or house flipper, what’s the fastest, most economical way to increase a home’s value quickly? 10 out of 10 times they will tell you to replace the garage door. Your garage door is the largest opening to your house, and due to its size, it’s the most eye-catching part of your curb appeal. A nationwide survey of real estate agents stated that an updated new garage door increased the homes selling value from 1-4%. That reaps HUGE rewards for your average home. A $2,000 garage door investment could increase your home’s value by as much as $10,000!
Choosing the right door for your home is crucial. Here’s some tips to help with your decision. New Garage Door
Country or Victorian Homes
If your house has that old country charm of a rural farm home, or has that Victorian appeal to it, then you may want to consider a Carriage Style Door or Faux Wood Door.These doors are also very appealing on Vinyl Sided Homes.
We have many Carriage Style options available, including Wayne Dalton’s 9700 Series and 6600 Series. And our Faux Wood line is led by the prestigious Clopay Canyon Ridge Series Doors! There simply is not a better door on the market today!
Modern, Contemporary Homes
For the modern home with straight, simple lines and brightly lit entry ways, you can’t go wrong with a full view Clopay Avante Door. For a less bold look, yet still contemporary and modern, check out the Wayne Dalton Flush Contemporary Design, available on the majority of the Wayne Dalton Doors.
Waterfront or Kid Friendly Homes
Want a door that’s engineered to take the toughest beating life can dish? Then you want the Wayne Dalton 8700! The 8700 series was designed for easy care living. They won’t rust, dent, crack or fade over time! The vinyl garage door model 8700 is an excellent choice for homeowners in the coastal regions because of its resistance to salt air and sand. Have kids that are constantly throwing baseballs into the garage door or dropping their bikes against it? Then you need this door!
Some Extra WOW Tips!
-Match the color of your door to your house with Wayne Daltons New TruChoice Color System!
-Add Windows to your door, everything from plain square windows to an arched carriage door style to designer décor windows. Adding windows to your door not only gives your door that extra wow, but adds much needed natural light to your garage.
-Hardware! One of the last things people think of is Decorative Hardware! A must have for Carriage Style Doors, this often overlooked item can easily be added to regular doors as well for that extra flair to your curb appeal!
-Visit Wayne-Dalton’s Design Center to upload a picture of your home and start designing your new garage door. Then give us a call for a free estimate! Or if you’d like, call us today for a free consultation with our Door Specialist!